The Reactor Room is located in the basement of Etcheverry Hall on the UC Berkeley campus.  Originally the site of the Berkeley Research Reactor, a 1 MW TRIGA that was removed in 1991 to make room for the construction of Soda Hall, the room now houses a number of experimental groups affiliated with UC Berkley Nuclear Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  The majority of the experimental space is being used by Prof. Ed Morse of NE and his 5-year, $7.1M Domestic Nuclear Threat Security Initiative (, the goal of which is to develop new technology for the detection of smuggled nuclear material and to train the next generation of nuclear detection experts.

boy with accelerator
UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering alum (B.S. 2009) and DoNuTS trainee Christian Schopke disassembles the Pelletron terminal in preparation for beam tube replacement.



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