group meeting, 7/14/11

loc: 1140 Etcheverry, in front of Faraday cage
attendance: Charles Yeamans, Andrew Hernandez, Matt Turner, Andrew Serpa, Andrew Ludwig, Felicitas Hernandez

discussion items:
1) Steerer polarity problems (A. Hernandez): status = resolved
It appears the steerer polarity switches come up in an indeterminate state, and as such the steerer polarity may appear to not function correctly. To avoid this, either we build the pull-down circuit on the control room end of the (digital) fiber optics line or just remember to exercise the steerer polarity switch on each start-up of the control system interface.

2) steerer function problems (Turner): status = resolved
As this was ongoing during the meeting, Matt can fill in details. The steerer wiring needs to be labeled and the interconnections to their polarity switch relays’ terminal blocks documented.

3) computer purchases (F. Hernandez): status = ongoing
The CPU we wanted is not available immediately. It was resolved to request a quote for the two systems available now and order two units of the higher-performing one. One will become the dedicated Unix control/GUI and the other will be set up to run all the data-logging and other non-control functions. What is the state of the non-Kontron components order?

4) GUI (Turner): status = ongoing
The boss wants a stand-alone system that does nothing upon boot-up other than start the control interface, and performs only the control/GUI function.

5) Unix control of signal generators (Serpa/Ludwig): status = new project
Team “non-Hernandez Andrew” will attempt to interface the Measurement Computing signal generators using Unix so the GUI itself can be migrated.

6) find a programmer (A. Hernandez): status = new project
A programmer can become a DoNuTS trainee (subject to the requirements of the grant) for the purpose of writing the new Unix interface. Find a person and coordinate adding them to our program with Sherry.

Is there anything else we discussed at this meeting?


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