computers (F. Hernandez)

We need to replace the guts of two Kontron 3U rackmount machines due to obsolescence and hardware failure. Since this looks just like a typical civilian project, I don’t anticipate it being to much of a time sink. The goal is to have a stand-alone machine to run nothing but the accelerator control system and a separate general-use machine for all the ancillary experiment-specific DAQ and data-processing applications.

components needed are:
1) motherboard
2) CPU
3) graphics card (preferably one card with 2 DVI-D connectors)
4) hard drive (2 x 1TB each machine, so 4 total)
5) RAM (4 GB per machine)

I suggest direct communication with Kontron for items 1 and 2, and a standard consumer electronics vendor like Newegg or similar for 3-5. Other miscellany may be suggested. I’ll start by suggesting an Ergotron MD102 or similar, plus a Morsified Samsung 203b, should make an adequate accelerator control display.


2 Responses to “computers (F. Hernandez)”

  1. 1 Felicitas July 11, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    Hi all! After much wait, Scot from Kontron got back to me. He says that the i7 is under certification and will not be available for at least another quarter. Questions: shall we wait? Or go for a Q2C or C2C solution?

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